Water supply systems

With specialized equipment, the company’s expert team performs the detection of malfunctions – water leaks, major accidents on water supply systems and main water supply systems, controls these systems and measures their capacities. We are able to offer a multi-layer care of plumbing systems.

Malfunction detection of the city water supply network

  • scanning a wide range of underground plumbing installations
  • the possibility of detecting a malfunction using magnetic wave at great depths (up to 5m depth)
  • the possibility of creating a diagram using magnetic frequencies, in order to accurately detect the location of the malfunction
  • equipment intended for all types of water pipes (pressure pipes)

Fluid flow measurement in pipes

  • use of an instrument to accurately measure the flow in the pipe
  • measuring the inlet and outlet flow of water (liquid) of one section
  • the possibility of monitoring the flow for several days in order to establish whether there is a malfunction in the system and whether there is a leak (water outflow)

Pressure measurement in the water supply network

  • precise measurement of the current pressure in the pipeline
  • checking pressure and data at various points in the pipeline
  • the possibility of multi-day monitoring of data and detection of malfunctions if there is a discrepancy between the information obtained