Street sewerage

Self-propelled camera intended for inspection of sewerage systems, safe and meticulous detection of possible congestion of sewerage systems, malfunctions in those systems, but also congestion problems remediation.

Inspection / detection of sewage network using robot-cameras

  • self-propelled remote-controlled camera enables inspection of the sewerage network on several levels
  • precise determination of pipe / collector ovality
  • precise determination of the slope of the pipe / collector
  • detection of internal malfunction on the sewerage network pipeline
  • detection of congestion in the sewer network

Cleaning and unclogging of street sewers

  • Thanks to the strong water jet pressure of almost 200bar, we are able to unclog and clean street sewers from Ø 50 to Ø 600
  • Our team will be at the service of maintaining your sewer network, periodic inspections and necessary rinsing
  • oprema namenjena za sve tipove vodovodnih cevi/cevi pod pritiskom