Residential units

Tools and equipment available to the company are also intended for use on water and sewage systems in houses, apartments and office buildings, for detecting malfunctions in the water supply and sewerage network of residential units, recording and unclogging sewer systems, as well as detecting malfunctions in wall and floor heating.

Detection of malfunctions in the water supply network

  • possibility of access to all parts of the bathroom or kitchen
  • creation of diagrams via magnetic wave which precisely determines the place of malfunction
  • detection of water leaks in the wall or floor using specialized thermal imaging cameras

Detection of sewer network malfunctions

  • access to all sewer pipes using a camera specialized for such recording
  • precise detection of malfunction locations in the sewerage network
  • creating a digital report of the malfunction location, enabling the plumber to easier and faster remediate the very malfunction

Unclogging and cleaning of sewer pipes

  • the pipe unclogging machine covers the range of pipes from Ø50 to Ø600
  • video inspection of pipes after unclogging or cleaning of pipes
  • creating a vision of possible new problems in the sewage system

Detection of malfunctions in the wall and floor heating system

  • recording of the wall or floor heating system with a specialized thermal imaging camera
  • noticing differences in temperature in different places of the heating system
  • precise detection of malfunctions in the heating system