About project

Date: 9/9/2020
Client: SHPP Rudo
Location: Rudo, Republika Srpska

Setting up SHPP installations was an extremely demanding job. There are a number of factors that should be monitored in this infrastructure process. Each pipe burst during this procedure takes the Contractors a few steps back.

Engaged together with a partner company from Slovenia, our team headed to the location of SHPP in Priboj, Rudo. By introductory monitoring of the terrain and the SHPP system, it was established that the loss of pressure in the pipes results from the existence of a crack through which water flows.

Inaccessible mountain terrain, large distance between the manholes, reduced pressure in the Ø1200 pipes, which were placed at a depth of 2 to 8 m, together, created very difficult search conditions. By scanning all relevant factors, it was concluded that the inspection could be performed with limited means, procedures and equipment that have not been practiced so far.

The search of the terrain, regardless of the mentioned obstacles, was performed in detail and in a timely manner, while the potential malfunction was located in two places. The mentioned complexity of the terrain did not allow for quick excavation and remediation, so the management of SHPP Rudo undertook the obligation to inform us about the accuracy of the conducted search, after the excavation.