About project

Date: 14/12/2020
Client: China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), China
Location: Podgorica, Montenegro

To locate the place of the water leak on the active construction site was a novelty that the “PAN Engineering” team had not encountered before. At the invitation of “China Road and Bridge Corporation” (CRBC) company, which is carrying out work on a capital project (building a highway from Kolašin to Podgorica in Montenegro) and which was forced to suspend its work due to occurred difficulties during the testing of the pipeline in the Mrka Tunnel, our team went to on-site inspection.

Challenges in on-site inspection, such as the 2.5 km long Mrka Tunnel, were plentiful. The low pressure in the pipes and the large distance between the manholes made the usage of the usual tools and equipment impossible. Also, the noise that is characteristic for the construction site, required that the works – search activities be carried out in the evening.

The use of highly sensitive equipment, which via magnetic waves transmits sound from the ground, in conditions of difficult visibility and high acoustics, required extraordinary attention and effort. Locating the malfunction in such conditions required more time. The search on such a long pipeline had to contain a kind of cross-section every 70 cm, in order for each sound to be carefully analyzed.

The dedication, patience and experience of our company’s team led to a favorable outcome, hence after 1500m of inspected pipeline, a water leak was detected. Quick detection of a malfunction on such an important Project and its elimination, to a large extent enables compliance with the set deadlines and unnecessary expenditure of resources and funds.