About project

Date: 17/5/2021
Client: China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), China
Location: Tunnel “Jabučki krš”, sekcija 5, Kolašin, Montenegro

Frequent pressure drops and the need for constant injection of water into the pipeline, indicated that there was a malfunction in the hydrant network of the 1400m long pipeline, with as many as 8 exits for the hydrant cabinet in the Jabučki krš tunnel. The “PAN Engineering“ team accepted the invitation to locate the source of this problem.

The first parameters collected on the field indicated that it was a minor malfunction. Guided by experience, the employees insisted on increasing the pressure in the pipeline in order to remove any doubts about the size of the detected malfunction. This procedure turned out to be correct, because only with the increase of pressure was the water leak located, the extent of the leak was determined and the preconditions for successful remediation of the problem were created.