About project

Date: 21/07/2020
Client: Ski center Zlatibor
Location: Tornik, Zlatibor, Serbia

Locating the malfunction and draining the water from the system of pipes for making artificial snow on Zlatibor Mountain. The accelerated drop in the previously set pressure in the pipes, rang an alarm and indicated the existence of a malfunction.

Although the weather conditions on the “Stankova ravan” ski slope were favorable, the length of the supply pipe system (3 km), the hardness and the configuration of the terrain, required careful preparation and precise selection of the equipment. The entire water supply system for snowmaking, from Lake Ribnica to the top of Tornik, needed to be checked.

The change of approach in the search for malfunction was required by specific conditions on the ground. The universal trench in which, along with the pipes, power cables and PTT installations were placed, made it difficult to adequately use most of the equipment. This circumstance led to sound of purling water and electric current buzzing mix-up, hence it was really hard to establish the source of the very sound.

Frequent and repeated attempts, change of strategy and adjustment to working conditions, finally gave the expected result. Four malfunctions were detected on the system, which enabled the competent teams to repair them in a short period of time. The benefits are multiple – not only the normal supply of artificial snow and the rational use of the Lake Ribnica accumulation are ensured, but the disturbed balance of the natural environment returned to normal as well.