Successfully completed projects

The general goals of the projects that the company “PAN Engineering” has achieved in the previous period are in line with the proclaimed mission and vision. Safe, fast and accurate detection of water loss, inspection of sewer pipes, detection of water leaks in the heating system, search for underground cables, as well as inaccessible terrain that requires great physical effort, are all the challenges that our company's expert team successfully faced.

Project Prijevor, Čačak

A control and inspection of the pipeline from the inside revealed a minor malfunction. After its remediation, the reliability of the new installation is unambiguous.

Project tunnel “Jabučki krš”, Kolašin

Frequent pressure drops and the need for constant injection of water into the pipeline, indicated that there was a malfunction in the hydrant network of the 1400m long pipeline, with as many as 8 exits for the hydrant cabinet in the Jabučki krš tunnel.

Project tunnel, Podgorica

To locate the place of the water leak on the active construction site was a novelty that the “PAN Engineering” team had not encountered before.

SHPP project, Rudo

Setting up SHPP installations was an extremely demanding job. There are a number of factors that should be monitored in this infrastructure process. Each pipe burst during this procedure takes the Contractors a few steps back.

Project Tornik, Zlatibor

Locating the malfunction and draining the water from the system of pipes for making artificial snow on Zlatibor Mountain. The accelerated drop in the previously set pressure in the pipes, rang an alarm and indicated the existence of a malfunction.