PAN Engineering

We are PAN Engineering, a company that uses precise tools and robotic technology to accurately detect the place of water loss (leakage). Combining skills and knowledge, we provide fast and accurate detection of all types of malfunctions on water systems, sewage systems and underground electrical installations. Speed and precision contribute to multiple time and money savings..

Achieved cooperation with the company Kolektor from Slovenia and Utilus from Israel, which performs satellite imaging of the territory of the region, city or municipality, and the commitment and experience of PAN Engineering employees, are a guarantee for accurate detection of water loss in the shortest possible time.


Fast and accurate detection of malfunctions

Quick and accurate detection of water loss, inspection of sewer pipes, detection of water leaks in the heating system, search for underground cables – these are the challenges that the professional team of our company has successfully faced. As a company dedicated to properly preserve both living as well as business environment, PAN Engineering offers the possibility of fast and accurate detection of malfunctions in the water supply and sewerage network, which creates multiple savings of time and resources during their elimination.

By persevering in our intention to create a reputable company that will be recognizable by efficient malfunction detection models, we are creating a world of a safer living environment and saving vital resources.


above all

  • - Accepting challenges – what others see as a problem, for us is a step towards fulfilling our vision.
  • - Excelence - quality, speed and savings of resources and time are the basic stimulus of our employees.
  • - Adaptability - for us there is no inaccessible and difficult terrain, but an opportunity to be closer to an economical and sustainable environment.


We offer a wide range of services that can help you

The company PAN Engineering covers a wide range of malfunctions in installations for various purposes. With exceptional knowledge and specialized equipment, we are able to offer malfunction detection on city water supply systems, street sewers, housing units and electrical installations.

Water supply systems

Our team performs the detection of malfunctions – water leaks, major accidents on water supply systems and main water supply systems.

Street sewerage

Safe and meticulous detection of possible congestion of sewerage systems and malfunctions in those systems.

Residential units

Detecting malfunctions in the water supply and sewerage network of residential units and detecting malfunctions in wall and floor heating.



The general goals of the projects that the company PAN Engineering has achieved in the previous period are in line with the proclaimed mission and vision. Safe, fast and accurate detection of water loss, inspection of sewer pipes, detection of water leaks in the heating system, search for underground cables, as well as inaccessible terrain that requires great physical effort, are all the challenges that our company’s expert team successfully faces by carefully planning strategy:


Project implementation phases

Preparatory phase

Getting acquainted with the essence of the malfunction and the specifics of the terrain on which the search is conducted.

Mobility phase

On-site inspection and preparing appropriate equipment.

Search phase

Use of appropriate equipment, such as: robot cameras, correlation, geophone, Ridgid hand tools and other equipment; marking the place of potential water loss, malfunction or place of electrical installations.

Reporting phase

Making a report on the located malfunction.

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Meet our small but experienced team

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